This page is to speculate and eventually undermine speculations by several users confirming same experiences (add your name, if so).

Feel free to add speculations.


1. The number/frequency of items magically appearing from the ground anywhere increases by

a. the amount of people entering and exiting from that area. Seen clearly around fountain, downtown, but actually anywhere.

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.

b. clicking on various strolling animals for a chat, they state "woof woof", you're likely to find a black raspberry (or something else) behind the next corner.

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.

2. Harvesting items randomly gives you fighting points.

It's a speculation, really.

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.

3. There will be a use for explorer levels.

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.

4. Making points returned are not always the same per same item.

It seems, that if you make some items once you get 200 making points, but when making them again right away, you only get 100 making points. Unstable to reproduce. BUG?

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.

5. Some people can walk through walls.

Seen in Silver Order Burial Plot in the maze. Could be a display bug, but as well it could be, that barriers only seems to be barriers and are sometimes not tight between the parts.

Seen by: Jane Is Ko.