Vampire House
House Zakone
Aspect Matriach
Technology Celeste Zakone
Date founded Headquarters location
Unknown Half Moon Cyber Cafe

House Zakone was founded in the 18th-century Russian underworld, and they carry this attitude with them at the present day. The house has been involved in everything, from rocket science to wireless transmissions.

Celeste Zakone, born 1887, was a pioneer of the Soviet Union rocket propulsion research program until she was turned in 1933 and fled away from Stalin's Russia. Celeste doesn't only believe that technology can overcome everything, but also that, with the right technology, vampires can leave Earth and start over.

The members of the House have taken advantage of their boundless energy to learn everything available to vampires, and as a result of that they produce stunning technology that surpasses even human researches. Most of the time members of the house live online, though they live rich and wealthy with many connections to the outside world.

House Zakone's headquarters is located in the Half Moon Cyber Cafe.

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