Vampire House
House Gaiana
Aspect Matriach
History Gaiana Bianili
Date founded Headquarters location
782 BC City Museum

House Gaiana was born with its founder, Gaiana Bianili, in the city of Yerevan (the modern capital of Armenia) in 782 BC. The house barely made it through all the violence in the Iron Age, but Gaiana and her followers were able to survive Christendom, and eventually her house stopped the aggressive feeding on humans as they began to feel a sense of spirituality and ethical responsibility. House Gaiana has known many forms: a women's monastery, an art school, a veterinary hospital, and they kept everything peaceful.

As one of the last surviving vampires of the original ten, Gaiana is one of the oldest people to walk the earth - the House is named for her as the keeper of both history and order among vampires. House Gaiana has the fewest members, but they take seriously their role as the conscience and memory of Vampire civilization.

House Gaiana's headquarters are located in the City Museum.

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