Vampire House
Aspect Matriach
War and Peace Arturo duArc
Date founded Headquarters location
Unknown The Mahogany Secret

House DuArc is descended from Roman soldiers, watching how their empire was destroyed under the rule of Julius Nepos and Romulus Augustus in the late 5th century. After all of this the House lived on, through some of the greatest military campaigns in Western history. Due to this and their experiences, they became more interested in war and peace.

The leader of the house, Arturo DuArc, is a survivor from the Siege of Malta in 1565 - because of him the House shifted their focus to studying letters, maths, and philosophy instead of just war and combat. House DuArc has the biggest organization and most internal laws of any of the houses. Though some of the vampires find this highly confining, it also creates structure.

House DuArc's headerquarters are located in The Mahogany Secret, a bookstore in New Valencia.

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