Vampire House
House Cosca
Aspect Matriach
Pleasure Maya Charise
Date founded Headquarters location
Unknown Club Hypnotique

House Cosca originated in Italy, able to trace their heritage back through the mafia to the renaissance. For centuries they have led the vampire society with their ability to drive social trends in the mortal world. Over hundreds of years, its past as a hard-charging band of brilliant thieves has been replaced by a taste for setting trends and enjoying the fruits of the humans.

Maya Charise, the current Matriarch, became a vampire about fifty years ago. She was favored by the previous matriarch, who died mysteriously, and gave her title to Maya. The members of House Cosca are the social elite: they can recall intoxicants that were cutting-edge at the turn of the century, know what’s worth stealing in every world capital, wear finely tailored clothing, and generally live the life of rock stars.

Their headquarters are located in Club Hypnotique, in New Valencia's Downtown area.

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