Mission Mission
Ho-Ho Horrible House Guest
Strange Instructions
Starting location
Mick and Ralia's Apartment (Serphina Palasades)
Given by
Mick Cosca
Kill Vampire Santa
Rubies 2 rubies, Experience 630 Experience, Egg Nog Egg Nog

This mission was only available during Christmas 2009.

Go to Mich and Ralia's Apartment, and talk to Mick Cosca. He tells you Vampire Santa (a White Crow disguised as Santa) has entered his house, and asks you to dispatch of him. Do so. Return to Mich. Mission complete!

Tactics Edit

Killing the “reindeer” first is certainly important. Truthfully I think I vanquished him on my first shot, without dying. Some tricks I use when fighting powerful monsters are as follows:

-Use the number keys to more quickly attack, it might be the split second that decides a win or a loss.

- Click on the monster so that the red “Attack” icon comes up. Move your avatar a safe distance away then click on the attack icon. Instead of moving right in, your avatar will throw attacks at your opponent until the opponent comes to you. This is a great way to separate baddies so that you can fight them one on one. Plus this often allows you to add a little damage with low exposure to damage yourself.

- Open “Your Stuff” so that you can easily take health potions during battle. Also don’t feel ashamed to consume health potions at any time. If you are running low on health potions you can either buy them, or kill some zombies in Haunting and get some low level potions that still help.

-Before you begin the attack you might consume some fortifying goodies like corpse blossom, or fortifying potions.

-Use your fighting blood wisely! I have glamour and shape my attacks around keeping my opponent stunned. Sometimes that means I have to wait through two bites before I have enough attack blood.

Of course the best practice for fighting is fighting… Check out Tamsin’s guide on the wiki for some good hints and long term strategies