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Mission Mission
Another's Dawn
Strange Instructions
Starting location
Doctor Lancaster's Townhome
Given by
Get the syringe from the fridge
Rubies 54 rubies, File:Experience 2000 experience

Begin the mission by talking to Amarise in Doctor Lancaster's Townhome. She asks you to get a syringe of Sunset from the fridge. Fight/run your way to the south-western part of the house and get the Sunset from the fridge, but watch out for the Flaming Guard Dog. After this return to Amarise. Mission complete! As with all quests experience awarded varies according you fighting level.

Another's Dawn Mission
Another Dawn Mission

There are two ways to complete this mission. Either way as long as you get eh syringe before you die, you can complete the quest. If you die while you have the syringe you will revive right where you started and can finish the quest quickly before dieing again.

1) Fight your way to the fridge south of your starting position. Take the Syringe from the fridge and return.

2) Run directly to the fridge and get the Syringe before you die. This is a particularly successful strategy if you have Mist Form because you can pick up the syringe once you enter Mist Form. Then feel free to try to run back, or just allow yourself to die. If you die you will revive at the beginning of the quest.

Another Dawn Quicky

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